Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Often professional musicians attempt to figure out whether their music will connect with the audience and how it can be marketed. Apart from composing and producing music, being newcomers in the industry, we need to generate a marketing strategy to let the songs get their popularity.

With the enormous volume of new albums being released daily, this could be a real challenge for anyone. Ali Ata is a renowned Turkish musician, band, and singer. He has received great appreciation for his lively songs such as ‘Çikiş Yok’, ‘Delikanli’ ‘Ask, and so on. He has a boutique hotel named Ali Ata Hotel. Ali Ata shares some of those marketing strategies to help us get started. The musician considers, to promote our songs, we can follow the strategies stated here.

Define the fanbase

The first step of a marketing strategy to reach an extensive audience needs us to figure out our fan base. Thankfully, living in the digital age, finding our audience is not a complex job. Knowing the audience base will help musicians create a unique marketing strategy that can reach them seamlessly.

To determine who the audience is, we need to make use of Google Analytics which can be accessed through our website or social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Those who are already active on any of those platforms must be having enough data waiting there for their assistance. By activating the analytics, we can explore the demographics of our fans like their age, search items, likings, interests, etc. These are great sources to know all about our audience.

Keep both current and potential fans in mind

Although we will start our initiative focusing on our prevailing fans, most possibly many of us would have a dream in mind to reach more and more followers down the line. It won’t be possible merely by presenting music online and having live shows.

Effective marketing will take place when we intend to present our persona as an artist. As a beginner, this can get us a good opportunity to reach the minds of our audience. For this, we need to ensure to get engaged with our present fans via our music website, email campaigns, blogs, and playlists. These fans will not only listen to our music but also support us by sharing the great melodies composed by us with their like-minded and reach more listeners. 

Make the best use of social media marketing

As stated by Ali Ata using social media has been a proven tool to get our fans to return to our site, and get geared to let them explore our music and content in a much better way. This will increase the likelihood of transforming them into genuine fans who will share their ideas and remain engaged with our music.

Integrate music with playlists, and blogs and place them before press outlets

For those who are intended to promote an album, getting the melodies out there beforehand will help in building momentum and getting to as many music lovers as possible. We should ensure to pitch our new album to the press in order to gain greater coverage. This will help market our album more effectively and quickly.

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