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Ski destinations in the southern part of America are few and far between due to the mild climate and lower elevations. Hence, Sugar Mountain in North Carolina truly stands out. North Carolina is a sprawling state, and tucked away in its mountainous passages are many acclaimed hiking trails, stunning villas, and popular ski resorts. One of the state’s highlights is Sugar Mountain, which is among the best ski slopes in the region. At the Sugar Mountains, one can enjoy a cozy stay at the Highlands by Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach, as well as indulge in exciting skiing experiences.

Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach offers valuable insights about Skiing on Sugar Mountain

Sugar Mountain is a small little town that has a population of only a few hundred people across about 2.4 square miles. But it is way more than simply a hidden village. This resort town is visited by more than thousands of travelers every year, especially the ones who are fond of skiing. Sugar Mountain Resort is a premier ski slope in North Carolina. Much like any ski mountain, the dates for season opening and closing here depend on the weather. Usually, they open by Thanksgiving and stay in business till the end of March.

During the ski season, one can purchase diverse slope and lift session times at Sugar Mountain Resort. They vary from night sessions, twilight sessions, day sessions, half day sessions, and even sessions that take place on holidays. Usually, the tickets go on sale at 8 a.m., and therefore it is better to rent the required skiing gear a day before to avoid the crowd.

The Sugar Mountain Ski Resort has around 125 acres of mountainous terrain for travelers to ski up, down, and across. There are a total of twenty-one slopes for them to try their skills at, and almost all of these slopes can be accessed by chairlifts throughout the mountain. There also is a handle tow that can bring the vacationers to a terrain park, and magic carpet lifts are available to assist the beginners. Around fifteen of the slopes here tend to be lit during the dark hours for nighttime skiing. Staying at an amazing place like the Highlands by Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach, and going Skiing on Sugar Mountain can be an amazing way to spend the holidays. Capital Vacations is renowned for its hospitality and resort management services.

Vacationers may bring their own gear if they have plans to ski on the slopes of Sugar Mountain Resort. However, it will be better to leave the gear at home and rent out the skis. After all, carrying the heavy gear throughout the trip can be too inconvenient. At the Sugar Mountain Resort, one can opt to rent a full set of skis that includes boots and poles, or simply rent parts of the gear if they already have some of the items in their luggage. The prices for rentals depend on what exactly one is renting, for how long, and for what age group.

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