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A lot of people today use instant pot to cook eggs in order to save time and enjoy greater convenience. One needs to constantly keep an eye on the stove and pots and pans when cooking eggs on them, to make sure that they do not over boil or get overcooked. No such issue is prevalent in an instant pot. One just has to buy good quality eggs through Hillandale Farms, add the ingredients they want to the pot and then listen for the beep.

Hillandale Farms underlines the steps to prepare hard-boiled eggs and scrambled eggs in an instant pot

While an instant pot can be used for a variety of egg recipes, it is ideal for whipping up some delicious scrambled eggs for breakfast or cooking up a batch of hard-boiled eggs at the perfect softness.

Hard-boiled eggs

  • Pour 240 of water into the Instant Pot: As the eggs would basically be steamed, too much water is not needed. One needs to make sure that the steamer basket is inside the pot before they start.
  • Put 1 to 6 eggs into the steamer basket: The eggs have to be arranged properly so that they do not fall on top of each other in the pot. They have to be spaced out, so that they are in a single layer and can be evenly steamed.
  • Set the lid on the pot and close the pressure-release valve: Twist the Instant Pot lid sideways and make sure that it fits snugly.
  • Select manual and cook on low pressure: Press the “manual” button on the front of the pot and enter the time limit. 4 minutes is ideal for medium-cooked eggs, while hard-cooked eggs have to be cooked for 5 minutes. After the time limit is entered, the screen will switch to “On”.
  • Wait for a natural release. As the timer runs out, the Instant Pot will start releasing its pressure naturally. The lid can only be taken off after the pressure releases.
  • Place the eggs in a bowl of cool water: Fill a large bowl with cold water and use a slotted spoon to set the eggs in the bowl, to make sure that they stop cooking and the yolks do not get overdone.

Scrambled eggs

  • Break eggs into a bowl: 2-3 eggs from Hillandale Farms would be enough for one person. One may even add chopped onions and mushrooms to the mixture.
  • Whisk the eggs together: Pour around 4 tablespoons of milk, along with a dash of salt and black pepper into the bowl, and whisk the mixture till it is smooth and frothy.
  • Set the Instant Pot to the “saute” function.
  • Add 2 tbsp butter to the bottom of the Instant Pot to grease the bottom so that the eggs do not stick.
  • Pour the eggs: Take the egg mixture and pour the entire thing slowly into the bottom of the pot after the butter has melted.
  • Lift and fold: Get a spatula or a wooden spoon to gently lift the eggs from the side and fold them back on top of each other.

By following the steps mentioned above, one would be able to make wonderful boiled eggs and scrambled eggs in their instant pot without any hassle.

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